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Fixing the cracks in The Cracker


I’ve made some changes to the site and will maybe make a few more.

  • New theme! The very swanky Bueno by WooThemes.
  • Useful “Reviews” thing in sidebar that shows just the reviews in a big long list of hot linkery action.
  • New / improved category, Visitation Log, to track just the places.

Is there something obvious I’m missing that would be useful?

Speak up in the comments or via email and I shall try to be accommodating! :)

New Deal

Oops, been slackin’ a bit with the Crackin’.

A few new bits: added whose Choice to each post so now you can see which ones were mine, Jo’s, Jess’s, or Eckie’s.

Also, updated philosophy of venue choosification, brought on by Obz Fest.
We were going to Wild Fig it for Jess’s choice, but given that it was right next to the main parking for the fest, we decided to push it forward to next month.
And instead, The Group decided to Hussar it. Huzzah!

Other new rule: Option to Overrule in Own Birthday Month. :-)

The way of the future

Right, so I’ve decided that there’ll be a tiny mini post at the time of the outing, categorised in Outings somewhere for easy reference and fiddling later.

And reviews get their own category called, um, Reviews.