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Urgent call for meat

This Friday is Eck’s choice.
He wants a steak place.
He has suggested the Michael D’s in Kenilworth.
Unless we get a better suggestion by 7pm on Friday, he might go there!
On his own, but still…

People of Teh Interwebnets, please help!
Where can we go?
(Excluded venues: Nelson’s eye and Hussar Grill (dunnit, recently))

A spluring slew of suggestions for investigations.

These are mostly cribbed from issues of Cape Etc. (which, by the way, is a nice read, if a big lifestyle-y).
[These places are mostly unknown to me, except for I‘ve Been Here tagged ones.

  • Comida, Hout Bay. Nice raised deck thing and Mediterranean type food. Will be very naas in summer. IBH.
  • Myoga, Claremont. By the Ginja guy. Mmm… [Suggested by Carlo. Who are you, Carlo? :) ]
  • Aubergine, Gardens. It’s a classic.
    I’m foreign, so I don’t know.
  • Geisha Wok and Noodle Bar, Mouille Point. Could be good for this “cooked” Japanese food I keep hearing about. ;-)
  • Wakame, Mouille Point. Asian fusion stylings.
  • 95 Keerom, Gardens. Posh Italian nosh.
  • A Touch Of Madness, Observatory. I know, I know, we’re trying for new places. But… it’s ATOM, ennit, eh? Maybe for one of Eck’s steak rounds? IBH
  • Benkei, Greenpoint ( page). More hot action: Teppanyaki goodness, anyone?
  • Beluga, Green Point ( page). Might be a bit too *cough* trendy?
  • Obento, Claremont. Fun, cook your own Korean BBQ stylings. [suggested by AkichanIBH
  • Manolo, Gardens. Almost opposite a well-known South East Asian cool stuff shop…
  • Salt at Ambassador hotel, Bantry Bay. Ace settings, apparently.

Phew, that’s all for now.

Sushi in the future

Will be made of space fish!
Wait, no, what I meant was: possible future more sushi places, despite resistance from some of the Crackers / Crackettes / Crackerdors.
Not for my next choice, but one of my choices after that.

Minato in town. Awesome sushi, kitsch decor, grumpy chef. Possibly not quite posh enough for SCC.

1890 House in Obs. Conveyor belt for added tee hee factor. Close to (our) house.

Recommendations from Hendrik

(observe the cunning use of the potentials category…)

Jo, me, and Hendrik and Sara were chatting the other day about some places to go and a few names came up.

Savoy Cabbage – “retro” site, but apparently the food is ace.

Haiku – eatout co za page. Expensive Asian tapas is the vibe, I think. Teh Wife has been there, though. P, thoughts?

Pigalle also came up, but in a more “it’s a place to go eat and dance” kind of way, so perhaps not Salty Cracker Club™  material…


In other news, place that came up in a conversation with Viola the other day: five flies.