Galbi Review

As part of my continuing quest to explore new Asian restaurants, to seek out new food and new drinks, to boldly eat where we haven’t eaten before, the Crackernauts headed out to Galbi, a Korean (fusion) BBQ joint on Long Street.


The Good

The food was interesting, a bit different, and the communal mini-braai thing is always fun. They have these awesome steampunk-y brass tubes that hang from the ceiling and funnel the smoke and hot air up and (presumably) out.


The waiters were very smiley and friendly and helpful: yay!

The Bad

There’s a call waitron button on each table, but it worked erratically in practise. It rang every time, but someone didn’t always come.

The portions were on the small side. We ordered the Korean Galbi set, the Fusion set, and the Safari set. This should have been enough for six, but the five of us polished it off easily. No-one was left hungry, but we felt like we could have eaten a bit more.

The Ugly

It is hot as hell in there. The ceilings aren’t too low, but the space is quite small. Combine that with the pit of fire in the middle of every table, and the temperate rises up quite a lot. The concrete-y walls also mean it gets loud. It was a Friday night with a birthday party party in, in a place in the city bowl, but still: loud.

The Verdict

An interesting experiment, but not an entirely successful one. Might be worth trying again in winter.