A few thoughts on Cargills

Okay, so it wasn’t shortly, and this isn’t really a review, but it needs to be said that Cargills (at dining-out.co.za, at eatout.co.za) was fantastic.

It’s in the distant past now, so I unfortunately can’t remember much detail (that’s my advanced age for you), but the general standard of food was excellent. The waiter was attentive and friendly without being clingy (important in such a small venue) and the chef was pleasingly cheery when he came out to see how the food was going down. Slightly short, slightly round, very smiley. :)

I think there were mussels, Camembert, and mushrooms for starters – nummy!
Main courses were Sole with parsley lemon butter (gentle and subtle and cooked to perfection), Springbok with mixed berry jus (great red flavours to match the red meat), Confit of Duck (Jess, comments, as our resident duckspert?) Beef Fillet Bordelaise (good cow!).

There were five of us, so I’m sure I’m missing some things.
Like the stir fried veggies that are served as sides instead of the standard meh creamed spinach and fries. Very tasty.

Om nom nom!

One thought on “A few thoughts on Cargills”

  1. I really like Cargills – it does the classic French cuisine thing on a slightly intense and idiosyncratic small scale, with huge and wayward tailoring to the whims of the cook. It’s such a cosy space, and I very much enjoy the personal feeling and the small number of staff. I think the cook’s alone in that kitchen; the time I ate there with Anthony, the cook was also serving tables, and with considerable aplomb flung together a vegetarian option from ingredients at hand since the menu didn’t have much for the non-carnivore.

    I love their almond-laced stir-fry, and have a complete and unrepentant adoration for the mashed-potato-and-herb rissoles which come standard with most of the meals. At this distance I honestly can’t remember what the duck was like – I think good, without being spectacular, but very orangey. I like that in a duck. The berry jus on the springbok was delectable.

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