Eating in the New Year

Like all right-thinking Capetonians, we S-chewed (oh ho) malls and restaurants as much as we could during the festive season (tourist cooties are the hardest to wash off), which meant we had a gaping void where our December Salty Cracking should be. So, we, along with Jess’s mum, decided to make ourselves a posh, proper three course, dinner thing instead.

Eck supplied the quality bubbles: actual French champagne.
There may have been other bottles too, but it’s all a bit of a blur now…

Jo made the starter: a whole Camembert each, topped with finely chopped garlic, then a thick layer of honey, then chuck gently place the whole lot into an oven for a bit.
Same basic recipe as A Holiday Brie.
Damn, they were good!
The garlic goes nice and crunchy, and sweetens up.
Definite Nommage of the Om variety, and one to do again.

Jess did the main course: Fillet of Beef Chasseur.
Nummy! The meat was cooked to perfection.
I ate so much that I almost exploded at the table.
(We had the left over meat on sammiches the next day – the overnight marination did good, good, things to the meat.)

Jess also prepped a dessert: crepe suzette.
Unfortunately, we were all too full to have any.
(This worked out well, as it happens: we had them for breakfast the next day!
Also, check it out: