Hussar Grill – brief review

There’s a reason that they sometimes come back again last summer – it’s for the Hussar’s meat. (!)
And for the cosy setting, foot-tappy if slightly cheesy music, and the exceptionally pleasant waiting staff.
Also, (and I’m looking at you here, Aubergine) they don’t charge corkage (not that I’m still bitter about the whole experience or anything…).

Through a supreme effort of will I didn’t have the deep fried Camembert for starters (although I did score some samples from Jess – thanks!), but went for Kudu and Gemsbok carp(accio) with raspberry drizzled bits, which was Teh Num. The Kudu had the edge on the Gem – more distinct flavour.
Jo had her classic Steak Tartare which, as ever, was fabuloso. Very fresh meat and just salty enough condiment jobs.

Again trying to buck (bok?) my usual choices, I avoided Game meat and went for a classic Rump, with pepper sauce. Hot damn, these peeps know how to handle their meat. Perfectly cooked, nice and tender. Om nom nom.

Jo had Cow Chateaubriand which also ace. She blew a bit early, giving it a bit more of the boozey kick that I was expecting, but the meat was very, very good.

Usually I find the veggies and spuds a bit meh, but (perhaps because we didn’t even sit down until after eight, later than usual) they seemed to be also very tasty – especially the mash. I think Jo’s potato fetish may be rubbing off on me (literally. I just found a King Edward in my back pocket).

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  1. I love the Hussar, it’s like dining out at home. My only minor niggles were the slowness of service (which is always a problem, actually – I thought poor, starving Jo was going to start taking bites from the next door table at one point) and the starter, which was a bit stringy. I’ve definitely had better deep-fried camembert from Hussar, they must have been having an off evening. But the warthog ribs were, as always, excellent, and I am deeply happy that they’ve started serving mash with the grills.

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