5 thoughts on “Ginja”

  1. I assume the purpose is that we add reviewery sort of comments for each outing? It’s going to be difficult to come up with anything I haven’t already blogged, is all I can say. Sigh.

    Best bits about Ginja:
    1. Red walls. Warm, womb-like, jazzy.
    2. Nice waiter, enthused and apparently possessed of infinite food information. Also took very well to me being geeky about Beef Wellington. Assiduous with wine-glass filling, too.
    3. Flavoured butters for the (excellent) ciabatta and nut bread. Can’t decide if I preferred the orangey one or the completely wonderful but unidentifiable black bean and honey.
    4. Foie gras and duck starter would have been slightly arb were it not for the intense flavour-burst of the sauce and the sort of shredded-leek bird’s nest. Win.
    5. Ostrich wellington: loved the vegetable pate. Wasn’t mad about the pastry. Completely adored the asparagus and the sauce.
    6. Walnuts and dorado really work.
    7. Chocolate mousse plus dark chocolate truffles plus honeycomb, win. Plus eucalyptus ice cream, sheer genius and epic win on all fronts.
    8. Any place that has us licking our plates for the last remnants of sauce has to be OK. Oh, wait. Jo and I always lick our plates for the last remnants of sauce. This time was particularly worth it, though.

  2. Sounds like a groovy purpose.
    I just want to make sure we have a list of all the places we done did.

    The red walls were awesome. Unfortunately, a quick goggle for “jazz womb” doesn’t yield satisfying results, so I’ll have to go and sketch one. Hmm, maybe Ursual la V could do it?

    I dug the waiter, too. He somehow just about managed to avoid being pretentious.

    One sentence summary: sauces are were it’s at.

  3. If you liked Ginja, you might try Miyoga at the Vineyard in Claremont. Same exec chef involved, Mike wossname.

    Make sure you request a wing back chair in your booking.

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