4 thoughts on “Jewel Tavern”

  1. One thing I really like about the JT is that it’s authentic. I mean that the food tastes like Chinese food for Chinese people, not like Chinese food for the white man.

    Don’t get me Wong [sic]: tastiness is the priority.
    But, if you can have it tasty and authentic, why not?

    The location is also fab: deep in the docks, near(ish) Panama Jack’s. Skanky tables covered in plastic, old Lazy Susan’s for the spinning. Chinese Seamen everywhere. You get the idea.

  2. I say one thing: crispy duck with pancakes. I could eat several platesful of their crispy duck with pancakes all on my own, and may in fact have to do so sometime soon, just because.

    I love the disconnect between the ambience (docks dive) and the food (high quality).

  3. The Jewel Tavern has moved to a new location, 101 St Georges Mall Street Cape Town City Bowl. Our new contact number is 0214224041.

  4. We know! :)

    The new location is very nice.
    I miss the unique charm of the docks location, but only a little bit.
    The food is still the best Chinese cuisine in Cape Town!

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